livestock feed AND SUPPLIES

Purina Livestock feeds

We are a feed dealer for Purina by Clarence Farm Services. Feed products we regularly carry are a complete line of poultry, equine, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, game bird and other products to support your livestock.

Benefits of quality feeds...
  • Animal By-Product Free Facility
  • CFIA Inspected
  • Expert Advice
  • Farm Consultants
  • Weekly Delivery's


We carry an assortment of livestock supplies, such as poultry feeders and waterers, brood lambs, saltlicks, pine shavings and more from various suppliers. Looking for something we don't have?  Ask and we will find out if we can get it for you.

Supplies we carry...
  • Chick starter supplies
  • Poultry waterers and feeders
  • Brood lambs and heat lights
  • Salt licks and holders
  • and more...