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chick orders 2024 now closed!

Thank you to everyone who ordered chicks this season.  Ordering is closed for the year.  We look forward to serving you in your chick needs for 2025!

Thank you for your support.

PIck-up day

  • Chicks will be available at the Farm Gate Store when we receive the order that day.
  • Please bring a box for pick up.
  • Chicks can not be held and must be picked up the day of arrival. No exceptions.

Flight Time

  • The chicks will be arriving via Air Canada Cargo and are dependent on the flight schedule. Details will be confirmed 2 days in advance.
  • We will adjust our open hours if need be to accommodate.

livestock supplies

  • Chick-days are very busy so its best to pick up your supplies such as feed, heat lamps, feeders etc, in advance so we can serve you in a timely fashion and answer any questions that you may have.

Chick Pick-up days 2024:

- Wednesday, May 15th
- Wednesday, June 26th

orders are now closed for the year.  Thank you to eveyrone who placed orders.

All chicks are day-olds and consist of:

Brown Egg Layers (Sexed pullets)

Sasso Dual Purpose Breeds - Brown Egg Layers (Sexed pullets)

Other Egg Layers (Sexed pullets)

Broiler Meat Bird Chicks (Non-sexed)

Turkeys Poults (Non-sexed)
* Large White
* Orlopp Bronze

* Muscovy Ducklings


Cockerals can be ordered for most breeds, except Azure, Noirans and Olive Eggers.  If interested, please contact us to order.

Having your own chickens has its benefits!
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Education
  • Fertilizer
  • Pest Control
  • Entertainment