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chick orders 2024!

You Order!

We take care of all the arrangements!

You pick-up in store!

PIck-up day

  • Chicks will be available at the Farm Gate Store when we receive the order that day.
  • Please bring a box for pick up.
  • Chicks can not be held and must be picked up the day of arrival. No exceptions.

Flight Time

  • The chicks will be arriving via Air Canada Cargo and are dependent on the flight schedule. Details will be confirmed 2 days in advance.
  • We will adjust our open hours if need be to accommodate.

livestock supplies

  • Chick-days are very busy so its best to pick up your supplies such as feed, heat lamps, feeders etc, in advance so we can serve you in a timely fashion and answer any questions that you may have.

Chick Pick-up days 2024:

Wednesday, May 15 & Wednesday, June 26

NOte: Cut offs dates for for ordering is 7 weeks in advance of pick-up day.  
- March 27 for May 15
- May 8 for June 26

All chicks are day-olds and consist of:

Brown Egg Layers (Sexed pullets)

Sasso Dual Purpose Breeds - Brown Egg Layers (Sexed pullets)

Other Egg Layers (Sexed pullets)

Broiler Meat Bird Chicks (Non-sexed)

Turkeys Poults (Non-sexed)
* Large White
* Orlopp Bronze

* Muscovy Ducklings


Cockerals can be ordered for most breeds, except Azure, Noirans and Olive Eggers.  If interested, please contact us to order.

Having your own chickens has its benefits!
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Education
  • Fertilizer
  • Pest Control
  • Entertainment