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Agriculture Feeds

We are a point-of-sale for Clarence Feed Services Ltd. that prides itself on delivering high quality Purina feeds to our customers and providing excellent technical service. They have a highly trained team of Farm Consultants positioned throughout Atlantic Canada to aid in the success of our customers.  If we don't carry a product, we can inquire and place a special order for the product.

Poultry Products

Products we carry:

  • Purinature Starter

  • Purinature Meatbuilder

  • Purinature Layena

  • Purinature Turkey Grower

  • Scratch - 4 Grain

Sheep Products

Products we carry:

  • Lamb Milk Replacer

  • Lambena

  • Ewe Chow

  • Sheep Mineral (loose)

Swine Products

Products we carry:

  • Hog Tech

Beef Products

Products we carry:

  • Fastart Calf Startena

  • Beef Builder

Dairy Products

Products we carry:

  • Fastart Calf Startena

  • Milk Generator

Equine Products

Products we carry:

  • CFS Honesty

  • CFS Elevate

  • CFS Sweetena

  • Evolution Senior

  • Supplements (BMZ and Vita-E)

Specialty Feeds

Produts we carry:

  • Game Bird Starter

  • Game Bird Layer

  • Rabbit Chow

Bulk Feeds

  • Cracked Corn

  • Whole Corn

  • Eastern Oats

  • Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes

  • Beet Pulp

Livestock Supplies

  • Poultry Feeders

  • Poultry Waterers

  • Salt Blocks

  • Mineral Blocks

  • Bedding (Pine Shavings)

  • Misc....

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