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Exploits Honey Bees

Our Newfoundland and Labrador honey bees are special.  We are forunate to be one of the cleanest environments for honey bee health in the world.  The absence of the major pests (varroa mite, wax moth, small hive beetle and tracheal mites) means that our bees are not treated with anything to manage those pests.  Making our products as natural and healthy as they can bee!

Proud Supporters of :

Newfoundland and Labrador Beekepers Association

and the

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture

Raw Honey

Our honey comes from the pastures and surrounding areas of the farm.  The primary nectar sources are white clover, fireweed, golden rod and others. 


Beeswax is harvested from the hives as a value added products, such as: candles, lip balm, etc. 


The honey bees are rented for pollination services and are available upon request and availability.  These services need planning at a minimum of 3 months before services are requested. 

Nucleus Colonies

Exploits Nucleus 4-frame colonies well be made  available for the 2020 season.  To put your name on the waiting list for next season please fill out the order form here.

What our customers are saying

I always use raw honey in my tea instead of sugar when I'm at home.  It's even better when its local. Some good!

Kelesha Crewe - Honey Customer

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