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Nucleus  Colony (nuc) Order for 2020 Season


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We started our beekeeping journey while living in PEI.  We kept bees in PEI for two years, and in Septemer 2014 we completed Dalhousie Agriculture College Modern Beekeeper course..  Once we decided to move home to NL, we sold our PEI honeybees and equipment, and started with our first NL bees in 2015.

We are registered provincially as commercial beekeepers, members of the NLBKA since its inception in 2014, members of the NLFA since 2015, serving in many different board capacities on industry boards both provincially and nationally.  Also, fortunate to be a delegate at the Apimondia 2019 Congress in Montreal, with the international beekeeping community, and looking forward to sharing the knowledge and  experience with our provincial community. 

Our nucs are produced here on our farm in the Exploits Valley.

We expect our nucs to be available mid-July, depending on queen mating conditions and the extent of our winter losses in the spring. We will be in contact with you once spring arrives to provide and update on your order.

Also, we subcribe to NLBKA nuc sales guidelines posted here on the association website.

2020 Nucleus Colony Prices:

4-frame with unmarked queen $280

4-frame nuc with marked queen $285


*Please note:

-  Nuc orders are a first come *first serve basis. However, members in good standing with the NLBKA, will be provided priority in purchasing nucleus colonies. 

- Our ability to provice nucleus colonies depends on spring queen mating conditions,(especially climate) and any winter losses we experience in a given year.  If we are not able to supply you, we will try to direct you to another quality nuc vendor in NL. Please bee patient, and remember that it is illegal to import honey bees or used beekeeping equipment to NL without a provincial government permit.

- Honeybees are zero-rated by the Canadian Revenue Agency, therefore HST is not charged.  More information from CRA can be found here.

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